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        Machu Picchu Ancient Structures Wonder of the World
        Machu Picchu, located high in the Andes, was voted one of the
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        Since at least the building of G?bekli Tepe 11,000 years ago, humans everywhere have built structures of size and grandeur: from the Cahokia Mounds to Chichen Itza, from Great Zimbabwe to?Angkor Wat, from St. Basil's Cathedral to Petra to the Sydney Opera House. These structures and monuments stand?testament?to human ingenuity and culture.?Learn about the history of major structures, endangered places, famous buildings, bridges and landmarks, including the Seven Wonders and more.


        The United States is a rather young country, but that hasn't hampered the construction of its many remarkable monuments. From the completion of major projects like the Gateway Arch in St. Louis (the world's tallest manmade monument) and?the Empire State Building, to the many famous memorials like the Lincoln Memorial in D.C., the United States has plenty to wonder at. Learn more about some of the highlights, and about the risks some of these sites face.?

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        赵凌波The Pentagon




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